Tim and Adam are one half of the London indie synth band Bear Muda. Travelling on two wheels, they will create an original album with those they meet along the way, from Turkey to Taiwan – one album, one incredible year. Every step of this journey will be filmed and turned into a feature length documentary.

  • Why it matters

    We’ve seen bike journeys documented before but not like this. This is two musicians setting out to write a unique album with hidden musical gems across the route, releasing an album upon their return to the UK. Music is at the very heart of this cycling adventure as they take instruments and recording equipment on the road with them. With the help of some award-winning digital friends, Adam and Tim are creating a bespoketracking websitethat will plot their location and content that they create in real-time using cutting edge technology.

  • How It Happened

    Obsessed with the thought of going to Japan, a country neither of them have visited before, and the music they would discover there, Adam and Tim decided to take it one step further… cycle the whole way there from their home in London and make music along the way. Both music obsessed, they believe that the musicians and people they will meet on their adventure will be the basis of an incredible musical travelogue - music that they and indeed millions of others have never heard before.

  • The Plan

    They will set off in early March 2018, traveling through Europe, the Middle East, Central Asia and South East Asia before arriving in Japan 12 months later in March 2019.

  • For a good cause

    They are raising money for the Alzheimer’s Society. Adam’s grandmother is currently in the late stages of Alzheimer’s disease, while Tim’s grandmother sadly passed away from the condition. It is a horribly debilitating condition that slowly strips a person of their independence, pride and dignity among other issues.

    From personal experience, they have seen the power of music and what it can do for sufferers of this debilitating condition. It can unlock deep-rooted memories and bring sufferers to life in ways that nothing else can. With music at the heart of this journey, Adam and Tim’s original album will serve as a symbol for music’s healing powers.

    To donate to this worthy cause, please see theirJust Givingpage.

    Tim Stephens and Adam Faulkner | Total Bike Forever 2018